Ozone Beauty & Medi Spa Body Treats

  • Remedial Massage - $60 ½ hr - $110/hr - $150/ 1 ½ hrs

    Relieve aches & pains with personalised aromatherapy macadamia oil blends with an experienced deep tissue touch.

  • Hot Stone Aromatherapy Massage - $110 1 hr

    Earthy volcanic stones placed carefully on chakras and pressure points melt away body aches and mental tension.

  • Salty Sea Salt Glow Reviver - $75 ½ hr

    Stimulate the circulation & enliven the skin using pure sea mineral salts. This is a perfect treatment prior to an Ozone Steam Sauna

  • Ozone Detox Steam Sauna - $90 ¾ hr

    Ozone infused steam gently oxidises adrenaline & lactic acid leaving you feeling relaxed and purified both mentally & physically. Burns 300-400 calories & may assist with weight loss & wellness. Includes consultation, linen & shower.

  • Chakra Energy Balancing - $90 ½ hr

    Relax with a guided Ayurvedic journey through the chakras that will balance & clear your energy to aligning the flow leaving you deeply restored. Perfect on its own or add $60 when combined with a facial or massage.

  • Wattle Husk Body Polish - $160 1 ½ hrs

    Sweep away the beauty sins of rough & dry skin with a massage mix of ground wattle husks & warmed aromatherapy oils complete with a full body moisturising massage with Thyme, Hawthorn & Aloe deeply hydrate.

  • Blue LED Light Teeth Whitening - $150 ½ hr

    Using the power of blue light wavelengths to activate the peroxide & charcoal blend of gentle teeth whitening ingredients the teeth will become 1-8 shades whiter.

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