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Ozone skincare in Brunswick Heads

Be your own beauty therapist and speak to our friendly staff at Ozone Beauty & Medi Spa about which products could help you achieve the clean, clear complexion you deserve, we offer personalised bespoke treatments to suit your needs. Based in Brunswick Heads, our spa is a place for women to experience their personal healing journey and connect to their inner Goddess.

Our goal is to provide organic skincare to support your natural beauty. Stop by our store in Brunswick Heads to learn more about our ozone oil, skincare and makeup range.

Organic Ozonated Oils

For healthy, luminous skin, our ozonated oil is an organic anti-bacterial agent that can be used topically to help treat skin conditions. Our Ozone Pure Oil can stimulate the growth of skin cells, reduce wrinkles, cellulite, inflammation and swelling as well as soothe sun-kissed skin. Sourced from Australian and overseas ingredients, ozonation is a natural, organic and holistic approach to skincare. Free from toxins, preservatives and chemical additives, Ozone Pure Oil can be used on sensitive skin types.

Quickly absorbed into the skin, each oil type possesses its own unique healing properties. We supply ozonated castor, coconut, jojoba, macadamia, moringa, olive, sweet almond and hemp oils.

Contact us today to place an order for Ozone Pure Oil. Our packages are usually posted express or overnight post when available.

We supply ozonated castor, coconut, jojoba, macadamia, moringa, olive, sweet almond and hemp oils” to “We supply organic ozonated olive, castor, coconut, jojoba, macadamia, moringa, sweet almond and hemp oils




Combining medical and cosmetic science, experience revolutionary skincare with Intraceuticals. Their serum has been injected with oxygen to help plump, hydrate and smooth the surface of your skin. For skincare to help combat free radical attack, replenish the skin’s natural lubricant, supply vitamins and restore elasticity, our beauty therapists can help you find the right serum for your skin type.

Heritage Healers Products

Find the right oil blend to complement your individual Ayurvedic element with Heritage Healers oil blend skincare range. If you suffer from a dry, oily or dull complexion, we stock daily moisturisers, facial masks, skin peels and essential oil eye creams to help get your skin glowing and gorgeous. To help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and improve skin elasticity, we also supply anti-aging serums.


Skin O2 Doctors Formula Products

Get professional makeup at home with our Skin O2 mineral makeup palette. You’ll receive compact foundation, blushes, a kabuki brush, colour match procedure and a brochure on each colour. All Skin O2 products are vegan, cruelty free and safe to use on all skin types including acne prone skin. So whether you’re heading out for a casual lunch, a night on the town or a formal event, you’ll always look your best with our Skin O2 mineral makeup palette.

Eye of Horus Products

Awaken the goddess within at Ozone Beauty & Medi Spa. Inspired by the ancient Egyptians, Eye of Horus is an Australian-made eye makeup range that contains all-natural ingredients, no parabens and hasn’t been tested on animals. Claimed by the gods for its beautifying and regenerative powers, see the world through the eyes of a pharaoh with a makeup range that uses the sacred ingredient organic moringa oil.

Jewellery & Gifts

Give the gift of beauty with our $50 or $100 gift certificates. We also stock luxurious traditional Indonesian batik sarongs available in 100% silk or 100% cotton.

Batik Sarongs 100% silk | $85.00
Batik Sarongs 100% cotton | $40.00

Perfect for wearing casually at home or at the beach, you’ll be draped in authentic silk or cotton fabrics.
For unique jewellery pieces that reflect your love of the ocean, you’ll adore our range of jewellery from Byron Bay artist Libby Pool. The colour of the paua shell magnificently blends shades of blue, azure, violet, indigo, yellow and green. At our spa in Brunswick Heads you’ll find ornately designed necklaces, belts, bracelets, earrings and clothing pieces.

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