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HIFU Treatments For Youthful Skin In Brunswick Heads

no Needles - No toxins - No Downtime

HIFU – High Frequency Focused Ultrasound – is the world’s most advanced skin tightening and lifting technology. HiFu is a safe cosmetic procedure that removes wrinkles, tightens and lifts sagging skin & reduces body fat.

All HiFu treatments offer instant results after just one treatment. HiFu is anatural and effective alternative to surgery where results take 3 – 6 months and last for 1 – 2 years with good skincare. Ask about our interest free payment and wellness treatment plans. Free, no obligation skincare consultations available by appointment.

Kerry Armstrong is an acclaimed Australian actress renown for her natural looks & eternal beauty. Kirsty is Kerry’s chosen HiFu facialist and loves the results of her HiFu treatments so much so that she has become Ozone Beauty & Medi Spa’s celebrity advocate for the natural anti-ageing techniques Kirsty offers.

I had my first Hifu with Kirsty just before The Logies in 2019 and was inundated with so many compliments, that it took me by surprise. My skin quality continued to improve over the next few months and so did the positive remarks!
I’ve since had another Hifu with Kirsty, and once again, I’m being asked questions, mostly about what my secret is.
It’s simple, my secret is Hifu with Kirsty. Kerry Armstrong 2020

Kerry Armstrong

Kirsty met Kerry in the 2019 filming of Sea Change in Brunswick Heads and has since worked with Kerry at the 2019 Logies at Star City on the Gold Coast and at the Crown Towers in Melbourne February 2020. Kerry and Kirsty have formed an a mutually supportive alliance to promote holistic approaches to skin rejuvenation and natural cosmetic enhancements.

Kirsty has worked as a beauty and massage therapist since 1999 and started her HiFu face and body sculpting work in October 2017 and has since performed over 50 Full Face HiFu treatments to locals and visitors alike. She has been positively reviewed in Australian WHO magazine by the Wellness editor. She is considered in the industry to be an advanced HiFu technician.

Some clients have had repeat treatments over the last three years and love the lift and tightening effects. A lip enhancement or brow lift can take just 15 minutes and is not expensive. Interest free payment plans are available.

In January 2020 Kirsty invested in state of the art U-Box 4D Centerless HiFu technology. Having trained in the Apolomed HiFu technique the adaption to U-Box is fluid and exciting as treatment time is reduced and clients can now experience HiFu as an integration enhancement to a traditional facial or with other beauty services. Results and client enjoyment of the treatment are also improved. U- Box is TGA approved. Sure you may find Hifu Groupon deals and compelling facebook marketing online with mixed reviews but do you really want to run the risk of having a procedure performed by a junior or unskilled therapist? Results come from the combination of experience, skill, care and compliance with safety protocols.

Kirsty is a highly qualified advanced HiFu practitioner, Yoga Instructor, Remedial Massage Therapist, has a Bachelor of Arts & a Masters in Mathematics Education and has also trained in Holistic Beauty Therapy with Australian skincare specialists Heritage Healers and her 30 plus years experience in beauty, health & healing shines through in her treatments as she confidently transports clients to a deep state of relaxation using Aromatherpy, Australian Wildflower Essences, Ayurvedic relaxation techniques, oxygen and her gentle calming ways. Kirsty explains that Hifu is the integration of beauty therapy, maths and art and that’s one reason she is so good at HiFu. The other reason her work has gained so much acclaim is the phenomenal power of HiFu, when applied correctly, to reverse the visible signs of aging, improving skin tone, skin texture, reducing lines, pigmentation, pore size, redness, volume, lifting jaw, cheeks, jowls and enhancing brows and eyes. 


HIFU – High Intensity Focused Ultrasound in our shop or in the comfort of your own home…

High Frequency Focused Ultrasound Treatment
High Frequency Focused Ultrasound System


HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is the next generation in advanced non-surgical facial rejuvenation with deeper penetration, real lasting results AND no damage to the skin surface !

New U-Box 4D Centerless HiFu

TGA Approved
Comfortable – Quick – Effective

New U-Box 4D Centerless HiFu


Simple comparison of Hifu RF and Laser


Tone & tightening

Chin & jaw tone & tighten 
HiFu—Eyes & forehead 
HiFu—Throat & neck 

Lifts & enhancements

Underarm tone & tighten 

Abdomen lift & tighten 

Full face and neck lift 


Various client individual results achieved

Before and then six months after Full Face HiFu client has achieved lift and volume
reduction. This client also benefited from a six month course of Oxygen rejuvenation
facials during her 6 month HiFu development. She had one oxygen facial per month for six months which assisted her HiFu progress.

High Frequency Focused Ultrasound Treatment Before and After HIFU

Anti Ageing Medi Spa Face Treatments

Look 5 to 10 Years Younger

HiFu – High Frequency Focused Ultrasound 

is the world’s most advanced skin tightening and lifting technology. HiFu is a safe cosmetic procedure that removes wrinkles, tightens and lifts sagging skin & reduces body fat. 

  • HiFu Glow Facial – From ½ hr

    Focused on the upper layers of the skin reducing fine lines for a naturally radiant, plumped & more youthful skin.

  • HiFu Face Lift – From 1 hour

    Targeting the deep dermis layers the result is a natural face lift and a younger looking you

  • HiFu Body Contouring & Sculpting

    Delivering focused ultrasound energy to the subcutaneous (fat) layer HiFu melts away excess body fat on arms, stomach, hips buttocks and thighs.

  • Special Introductory HiFu Offer – 2 - 3hrs

    Full face Glow HiFu to eliminate fine forehead, eye & lip lines with deep dermis HiFu to uplift & tighten cheeks or jawline.

All HiFu treatments offer instant visible results after just one treatment. HiFu is a natural and effective alternative to surgery where results take 3 – 6 months to develop & last for 1 – 2 years with good skincare. Ask about our interest free payment & wellness treatment plans. Free no obligation skincare consultations available by appointment.

No Needles, No Toxins, No downtime!

HiFu Services Available from just $125

Glow HiFu Full Face 1.5mm– Skin plumping, firming & toning, reducing pore size & pigmentation erases fine lines. including lip & forehead lines
Hollywood Lips – Just treat the lips to add volume, lift and erase fine lines
Hollywood Eyes – just treat he delicate tissue under the eyes to alleviate bags and ad lift and volume whilst also smoothing the forehead and lifting the brow.
Decollatage HiFu – rejuvenate sun damaged skin and reduce visible
For ultimate lifting and skin transformational tightening results the Full Face deep Hifu 4.5mm & 3mm also includes the Glow 1.5mm HiFu for lips, eyes and forehead areas.

No Need for Botox or Fillers when you have HiFu – Look years younger naturally!