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Direct Debit Payment Plans – an easy way to budget and pay for treatments​

To help you budget and pay for the best possible treatments we offer Health&Beauty payment plans. A Health&Beauty payment plan enables you to access the treatments you need now, then spread the cost for the treatments, in interest free instalments, over time.


About Health&Beauty Payment Plans

Health&Beauty payment plans are flexible and can be customised to individual needs. It is not credit or a loan. It is simply a direct debit service that allows you to start treatment now and pay for it over time.

Some of the common treatments that patients’ setup a Payment Plan for include: 

How does it work?​

The Health&Beauty Payment Plan is applicable for payment plans from $300 up to $9000.

A deposit is paid upfront then you can choose to make payments on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Whatever suits your budget best. The maximum payment plan length is 18 months.

Interested in a Payment Plan?​

If you are interested in a Payment Plan please contact us find out more information.