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What is Ayurveda?

Are you an air, earth, fire or water element? Ayurveda originates from the ancient Indian Sanskrit meaning “wisdom of life”. We’re deeply passionate about how finding the right balance is the key to experiencing good health and natural beauty. Discover your Ayurvedic element at Ozone Beauty & Medi Spa in Brunswick Heads. Our beauty therapists can provide skincare to complement your unique Ayurvedic element. Contact us today to find out what your Ayurvedic element is!


Grounded in stability and solidity, if you’re an earth element, you will tend to value practicality and be realistic in nature. Your friends and family appreciate your sturdy and reliable personality as well as your courage and ability to quickly forgive others. However, you may also find that you’re conservative, bored easily, and can be prone to fault finding in others, insecurity and depression, resenting risk and change.


You’re ruled by your emotions but this also means you’re highly perceptive to other people’s feelings. You’re compassionate, sensitive, creative, nurturing and endeavour to help others. When it comes to decision-making, make an effort in using your head over your heart. Water elements can also be hypersensitive, too dependent, vulnerable and impressionable. Watch out for the water works!


Passionate, enthusiastic, energetic and goal oriented, fire elements are wonderfully outgoing, active and hardworking. You’re a natural leader and possess a gorgeous, cheerful temperament. However, mind that tongue! Fire elements are prone to make insensitive comments, can be impatient, quick-tempered and irritable. You’re at a high risk of burning out from taking on too much in your personal or professional life.


The social butterfly of the Ayurvedic elements! If you’re an air element, you’re considered to be an excellent communicator, sociable and people-oriented. Possessing a passion for change, you’re always on the move, physically, mentally or both! Beware of energy depletion from over exerting yourself. Air elements tend to skip meals or neglect sleep to keep up with their excitement. You may also find yourself over analysing, over thinking and can become bored by too much routine.